RaceReady timing and scoring system

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RaceReady timing and scoring system

Post by VOTHG.WebDir » Wed May 10, 2023 8:19 pm

Great News Gang!
The VOTHG Board has made the investment into a live timing racing system called RaceReady. This is going to allow us to have online pre-registration for every race and keep track of scoring, lap times, and past results. The RaceReady solution uses an RFID sticker that goes under the rider’s helmet visor or behind the front number plate.

Our first race that we are going to utilize the RaceReady solution will be this weekend at Porterville.

Here is our link for online registration: https://app.iraceready.com/event/portervillerd1

Or Scan the QR Code below


This link will walk you through the registration process and the process in which to get your RFDI transponder. Once you have completed registration, you will pick up your transponder on Sunday morning at registration.

If you have any additional questions this link will help answer any additional questions such as, where to place the sticker, how to make sure it's easily read and how to know if you can re use a RFDI sticker that you may have picked up at a different race.


If you have any addition for the board members, please ask them here in the forum topic.

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